Panda Stool: Your Stylish Sustainable Piece Of Furniture

An item considered sustainable is based on various considerations. The Panda stool is not only because of its multi-functional design but also because of the sustainable material used in it, the bamboo. Other than being multi-functional, the Panda Stool is also a space saver with its minimalistic yet stylish design. Presumably, the stool will be useful for both outdoor and indoor use. It will be a perfect seating solution for your dining area, patio, and more. Business individuals can also have the Panda stool as their stools at the restaurant, bars, and the like as well as in every modern office pantry.

Panda Stool
Panda Stool

Designed by Mathieu Lewis and Nathan Loutit of Vault Industrial Design in Melbourne, Australia, the Panda Stool was born with the vision of creating desirable sustainable furniture. Emphasis was placed on designing a product that was an all round sustainable piece, Combining bamboo, stainless steel fasteners and a clear finish derived from natural waxes and oils, allowed for the realisation of an all round sustainable product. Bamboo is a rapidly renewable material with extremely appealing strength and aesthetic characteristics, which make it well suited to furniture. Stainless steel fasteners were selected to cut down on the use of glues, along with the fact that stainless steel is 100% recyclable. Finally, an environmentally responsible clear finish to protect the bamboo surface was selected rather than a conventional acrylic or polyurethane clear coat. Aesthetically, the stool takes on a slight rounded side profile giving it a playful presence whilst the cut out creates a lightness to the stool, not just aesthetically but also in terms of weight. The stool is a part of a range of bamboo furniture recently released by Vault Industrial Design, which is targeted towards the hospitality industry for use in Cafe’s, Bar,’s, Restaurant’s etc. The Panda Stool addresses sustainability but at the same time demonstrates that sustainable can be beautiful.

Panda Stool
Panda Stool
Panda Stool
Panda Stool
Panda Stool

Source: Vault ID

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  • Awesome stool, love the finish and clean lines.

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