791002-MS1MR Mosaic Glass Table Top Solar Patio Light By Westinghouse

Patio lights adds beauty to our landscape especially at night and with Westinghouse 791002-MS1MR Mosaic Glass Table Top Solar Patio Light, you will not only add color and beauty to your landscape design but also you will be able to save on your electricity cost and of course save the environment.

Featuring a mosaic glass construction, the light looks stylish and sturdy. The use of solar power to produce light is the reason why this mosaic glass table top patio light is an eco-friendly type of light. If you choose to buy this lovely earth friendly lighting solution, you will get one 400 MAH NI-MH AAA battery along with three amber LEDs in each light. The light measures 4 inches round and 4 inches high in approximate. The mosaic glass construction made the light looks different that the traditional patio lights we normally see in our neighborhood. The 791002 Mosaic glass patio light from Westinghouse has the unique artistic look because of the stained glass construction.

791002-MS1MR Mosaic Glass Table Top Solar Patio Light

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Perm-A-Mulch Recycled Rubber Border For An Eco-friendly Garden

Gardening alone is a good way to care the environment, as it will prevent soil erosion and the use of eco-friendly garden tools and materials like the Perm-A-Mulch Recycled Rubber Border will not only prevent soil erosion but will also help minimize the growth of landfills. The border is made from recycled, post industrial, and post consumer tires. The tires used are 99.99 percent free from wires, therefore, it is safe to be in your garden. Perma Mulch is an American made product sold by Plow and Hearth. The company is proud to say that the mulch will help eliminate trimming, weeding and re-mulching, which will not only help you save the environment but also will help you save time and money.

Perm-A-Mulch Recycled Rubber Border

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RGideas Premium Bathroom Water Saving Eco-Kit Will Save Water And The Environment

The call to save water is now a massive call for everybody especially those living in areas where water is rare and using RGideas Premium Bathroom Water Saving Eco-Kit will definitely let everybody save water and of course the environment. The kit is hailed as a bathroom water and energy saving product.

How you can save water with the kit?
The kit has numerous tools that will help you save water and the environment. It has the toilet tank leak detecting tablets to keep your tanks at its best condition to prevent water wastage. You just have to drop a tablet in the tank and stir slightly. After stirring, you need to wait for 15 minutes and when the water comes out have colors, it clearly says that your tank has leak and thus, you need to make some repairs. With this tablet, you don’t need to wait for your water bill to skyrocket before knowing that you have a leaked toilet tank.

The kit also has the five minute timer in a style of an hourglass allowing you to become aware how long have been in the shower. Another useful thin included in the kit is a frugal flush and its name says it all.

RGideas Premium Bathroom Water Saving Eco-Kit

RGideas Premium Bathroom Water Saving Eco-Kit

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Natural Bamboo Pole By Bamboo Is Eco-friendly And Sturdy

When building fences for our homes, it would be nice if we will build it with care to the environment and use Natural Bamboo Pole by Bamboo instead of those steel and other building materials that bring hazard to the environment. If you decided to help save the environment and use bamboo poles instead, you can be sure enough of the quality of these poles from bamboo because all of their bamboo were inspected by the U.S.D.A. and were able to pass all the requirements for entry to the U.S.A. As high quality bamboo poles, these poles offer not only safety to the environment but also beauty, strength and stability.

Natural Bamboo Pole by Bamboo

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PlanToys PlanCity Series Eco Street Accessories: A Toy For Your Little Environmentalist

It is a good idea to teach our kids being kind to the environment in as early as when they are young and we can do it easily by giving them some environment related toys like the PlanToys PlanCity Series Eco Street Accessories. It may be a toy but the concept of it surely will teach kids and adult alike on how to keep the environment safe. The Eco-street accessories are just one of the many parts that one can own to complete his or her PlanCity series of toys. The toy is designed to enhance a kid’s imagination whilst promoting physical and intellectual development. In addition, the toys also let the children practice the “Three R’s” of green living including Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle.

the PlanToys PlanCity Series Eco Street Accessories

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Chef’n EcoCrock Counter Compost Bin Is An Award Winning Eco-friendly Bin

Leftover foods, peels and food scraps are highly biodegradable, reusing them as compost is a good act of showing care to the environment and doing it will now be easy with the help of Chef’n EcoCrock Counter Compost Bin. The bin has the ability to hold 3.3 liters or .75 gallon of kitchen waste. Because it features a countertop design, the Chef’n Compost Bin makes tossing kitchen wastes when cooking it a lot easier now. You don’t have to worry about the look of your countertop getting unlikely because the bin is made of ceramic. Meaning, it is clean, elegant and good looking.

Chef'n EcoCrock Counter Compost Bin

Chef'n EcoCrock Counter Compost Bin

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Bedtime Originals Sail Away Lamp with Shade and Bulb: Lets Your Baby And The Environment Relieved

Seeing our kids, sound asleep and relieved at night is rewarding as parents but with Bedtime Originals Sail Away Lamp with Shade and Bulb, we are not only making our kids feel relieved but the environment too. Lampshades provide warm and relaxing illumination allowing our kids to sleep soundly. This sail away lamp from Bedtime Originals will not only provide warm illumination but also completes the nautical theme of your kids’ room. The lamp features a plaid patterned shade and cute sailboat with sails on the lamp base.

Bedtime Originals Sail Away Lamp with Shade and Bulb

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Use ETQ PG30P11 3000 Watt 7 HP 208cc 4-Cycle OHV Propane Powered Portable Generator To Help Save The Environment

The use of a generator may cause harm to the environment with the carbon emission it produces but to our surprise ETQ PG30P11 3000 Watt 7 HP 208cc 4-Cycle OHV Propane Powered Portable Generator is very different. As its name suggest, this generator from Eastern Tools and Equipments uses propane to work. In case you are not familiar with propane, it can create LPG eco-friendly energy making it a cost-effective source of energy to power your home appliances.

ETQ PG30P11 3000 Watt 7 HP 208cc 4-Cycle OHV Propane Powered Portable Generator

ETQ PG30P11 3000 Watt 7 HP 208cc 4-Cycle OHV Propane Powered Portable Generator

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Lakeland Mills Cedar Log Ottoman: An Eco-friendly And Sturdy Furniture

If you are into furniture pieces with natural finish and has less impact to the environment, owning a Lakeland Mills Cedar Log Ottoman is ideal. This simple yet clean ottoman is made of white cedar that is insect and weather resistant. What that reason, we at iGreenSpot assume that this ottoman will be ideal for both indoor and outdoor use as it can probably withstand any weather conditions. The ottoman will not only give you a comfortable and functional, stylish ottoman but also it can help you save the environment, as the materials used in making this ottoman are from a renewable resource and byproduct of the long home industry.

Lakeland Mills Cedar Log Ottoman

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