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Lovely Mug Tree Made From Reclaimed Mangosteen Wood

What a lovely mug tree, don’t you agree? It’s made from real wood! But don’t worry, this organic mug tree is made from reclaimed mangosteen wood. Just in case you don’t know, when mangosteen trees in Southeast Asian plantations don’t produce mangos anymore, they are routinely chopped down and burned. So, why not use these discarded trees into something beautiful and useful? Each product is made from carefully selected trees, especially for the size and branch formation.

Made in Thailand, each one is unique due to the recycled nature of the item, so, don’t expect to receive exactly the same product as the image here. Each tree is trimmed, cured, and sanded in order to create those unique mug holders, it would be an attractive piece in your kitchen. It is recommended that you use mineral oil to preserve this mug tree condition. [Click Here to get order information of this unique mug tree]

Lovely Mug Tree Made From Reclaimed Mangosteen Wood

Lovely Mug Tree Made From Reclaimed Mangosteen Wood


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