Interior Design

Reclaimed Wood Chalkboard Frame with Safe Plexiglass

Need a gorgeous frame? Try Reclaimed Wood Chalkboard Frame. It’s a beautiful frame handcrafted from reclaimed wood, perfect addition to any house especially when you are green conscious person. The material of this frame reminds you to the beauty of weathered wood of a beach cottage, not to mention each frame is unique due to …

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How to Start Your Greenhouse Gardening – The Basic

Greenhouse gardening is of utmost interest, for many gardeners who want to use less storage for more strong and quick growth of plants. However, it is to be kept in mind, that greenhouses have different shapes and sizes. Depending on your place of residence or your desire to place a greenhouse, adherence to the policies …

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Pikkpack Revolutionary Flat-Packed Shoes by Sara Gulyas

Pikkpack is a revolutionary flat-packed footwear that you design and assemble yourself. A minimalist, yet high quality must have piece that promotes the use of less material. Sara Gulyas, the designer of Pikkpack, has over 10 years of experience in leather design. After experimenting with footwear for a long time, she wanted to create a …

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