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The Allsorts Quilt Kit Is An Organic Quilt For Your Baby

As parents, we always want our babies to be safe and comfortable and so the Allsorts Quilt Kit is like an heavens sent for all you parents out there who want to provide comfort to their little angels with care to the environment in the form of a warm and organic quilt.

Allsorts Quilt Kit
Allsorts Quilt Kit

The Allsorts Quilt Kit is 100% organic and features 8 coordinating Ink and Spindle fabrics including the Birch in saffron fabric, Pirates & Sea Creatures in Saffron, Acacia in Persimmon, Lace Fans in Almond, Pirates & Sea Creatures in Sage, Birch in Robins Egg, Acacia in Charcoal and Trams & Bicycles in Black and Charcoal. With the instructions included in the Allsorts Quilt Kit, giving your child a warm and comfortable sleep will be easy breezy.

Allsorts Quilt Kit
Allsorts Quilt Kit
Allsorts Quilt Kit

Source: Ink and Spindle

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