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Fiskars 9413 30-Gallon Hard Shell Base Kangaroo Gardening Container Will Help You Keep Your Garden And The Environment Clean

Gardening is fun and a good stress reliever and owning a Fiskars 9413 30-Gallon Hard Shell Base Kangaroo Gardening Container will make gardening even easier. With the container, you can keep you garden clean and the environment too because the container is not just your functional and fashionable gardening container but it is an eco-friendly …

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The Gap House: The Space Saver House

If you are one of those who want to save some space and the environment from harm at the same time, living or simply taking the Gap House by Pitman Tozer Architects as your model will definitely answer your need. This 8-feet wide site in London is the place where the four-story Gap House was …

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Cars and Transportation Design and Concept

Peugeot+, Smaller and Safer

Another space saver, hybrid prototype has been designed and will soon be on our busy streets. From the idea of designer David Vargas, who designed the three-wheel eco vehicle for Peugeot Design, the prototype was called the Peugeot+. This chic looking two-seater vehicle uses a smaller electric engine compared to most cars of the same …

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