Restore: An Eco-Friendly Storage Basket By Mika Tolvanen

For storage of various items from our house, we tend to purchase plastic wares available in stores around us. We all know that these plastic wares are harmful to the environment. To help us keep our things in-order whilst keeping the environment at its best, designer Mika Tolvanen has created the Restore storage basket. As the name suggests, restore is made from recycled PET bottles. Available in light grey, dark grey, green, and blue, restore is perfect for storing your books, magazines, and other collectible items as it has the spacious dimension of 35 X 48 x 23 cm. The polymer felt completes the structure of the basket.

Restore Basket

Restore Basket

Restore Basket

Source : Mika Tolvanen via Designboom


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1 thought on “Restore: An Eco-Friendly Storage Basket By Mika Tolvanen”

  1. Storage baskets and boxes help to maximize space around the area and when they are no longer needed, they can be stowed away in stacks to save room. I like the handles which make carrying the baskets even more convenient unlike boxes that require you to carry them from the bottom.

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