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Planter-Urn Rain Barrel – Terra Cotta Will Help You Save Water And The Environment

Collecting rainwater will not only allow you to save money on your water bill cost but will also let your help save the environment and to help you do the rainwater collecting fun and easy, Planter-Urn Rain Barrel – Terra Cotta is now available. As its name suggests, it will allow you to collect rainwater. While it serves as an storage of rainwater, it also works double as your beautiful and eye-catching landscape as the barrel is also a planter.

Planter-Urn Rain Barrel - Terra Cotta

Planter-Urn Rain Barrel - Terra Cotta

With the ancient urn shape, the barrel is definitely a multi-function one because its shape surely makes the barrel a perfect addition to your landscape. With a capacity of 54 gallons, the barrel is made of polyethelene materials and it features a dimension of 21.5 inches top, 23 inches middle or body and 19 inches base in diameter. If you are into saving the environment and wants to save some amount of money from your water bill, owning this barrel would be ideal. Because the barrel is very lightweight, it is surely easy for you to transfer the barrel from one place to another around your yard or garden. Forget about complicated installation works because the Planter-Urn Rain Barrel – Terra Cotta is dead easy to set-up. [Click Here to learn more about Planter-Urn Rain Barrel – Terra Cotta]

Planter-Urn Rain Barrel - Terra Cotta


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