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Peugeot 888 with Solar Panels and Ability to Shrink for Future Metropolis

Futuristic design, space saver, and earth friendly are just a few of the benefits you can get with the Peugeot 888. Designed to cater two people at a time, this car is perfect for a weekend drive to your activity place, or when just wanted to roam around the metropolis. The Peugeot 888 has the ability to shrink when needed especially in places wherein space is always a problem. In addition, the car’s wheels are electric powered. Meaning it is also an eco-saver saver car, and when you ran out of battery, solar cells covered the trunk for your battery charging purposes.

peugeot 888 eco friendly car concept

peugeot 888 eco friendly car concept

Official words :
The Peugeot 888 is the personal vehicle for the future Metropolis. The car carries two persons and medium amount of luggage. This is the car for traveling within the city and to the suburbs, for daily driving and weekend cruising.

When driving in the city the vehicle has the ability to ”shrink”. The center of the cars profile has a hydraulic tilting system that rises the car, making the distance between the wheel axis decrease. This results in a rise up cockpit which enhance the drivers traffic overview. The short wheel axis distance will also increase the manouverability in narrow places making the car able to take a sharp u-turn. A short wheel axis distance also makes it easier to find a suitable parking space.

peugeot 888 eco friendly car concept

When leaving the city, entering the highway the vehicles requirements alter to ”need for speed” Lowering the vehicle to a closed shape, the car gets a long distance between the wheel axis and a low point of gravity which gives the car stability at high speed. The cockpit lies down and the driver gets a more cruising position.

peugeot 888 eco friendly car concept

The seats has got joints that partially follows the cars movements from city-mode to highway-mode.

The vehicle is powered by an electric engine in each wheel. The engines are powered by a lithium-ion batteries located in the trunk. For additional battery charging, the trunk is covered with solar cells

The name ”888” is illustrated by three numbers, one vertical, one diagonal and one horizontal. The last number creates an infinity symbol, symbolizing the vehicle being environmentally conscious. The three numbers also symbolize the movement of the car, changing from city mode to highway mode.

peugeot 888 eco friendly car concept


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