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Evo, Contextual Recorder for Travelers

If you are a traveler and care about our lovely earth, bring EVO with you. EVO is a recording device which provides information such as location, time, direction, and atmospheric pressure. Evo device also captures still and moving pictures with audio, you can wear it as pendant if you don’t like carry it everywhere.

The idea of Evo is based on the needs of capturing your moment with environment, connecting and experiencing again as personal history or sharing it with others. And the common frustration with capturing our travel experiences is the number of devices one needs, as well as the time and energy it takes to manage the content. These insights, often overlooked by producers, can lead to the products’ premature end life which then contributes to the accumulating e-waste world wide.

evo contextual recorder for travelers

evo contextual recorder for travelers

Evo works with a GPS receiver, enables the recorded files to be referenced with geographic information so, not only is the information valuable at the time of experience, but opens up wonderful possibilities for re-experiencing the personal media in a dynamic map based software environment upon return.

An understanding and consideration other wide range of environments and activities within those plays a key role in determining manufacturing processes and technological components:

– Formed anodized aluminum casing was chosen for its light weight, protective and scratch resistant qualities
– A series of ‘O’ rings seals the two shells together ensuring water resistance and offering soft tactile qualities
– A CMOS photo-sensor combines the image quality of CCD technology with compact size, adaptability and energy efficiency
– A poly-led (polymer light emitting diode) display offers high brightness, high contrast, and a fast response time suitable for displaying video
– Minimal moving parts for longevity and durability

evo contextual recorder for travelers

Designer : Sarah Hay


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