Apsara Solar Umbrella

Prohibit the sun from going down on you and use the solar umbrella. It has 24 LED lights that give a sunny glow even when the sun is not shining. It needs no additional wiring to recharge. Even on its different function, the solar umbrella still looks very fashionable and lovely on any patio, backyard, …

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Cars and Transportation

BMW 750hl Hydrogen Car

As part of BMW’s dedication continuous research for cleaner mobility BMW 750hl, (a hydrogen powered vehicle) was born. It is a hybrid car with 12-cylinder 5.4 Liter combustion engine with two independent fuel induction systems, controlled electronically, which allows the BMW 750hl to run on either gasoline (petrol) or hydrogen. The hydrogen engine of BMW …

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EcoFoil Surfboards from Ocean Green

The EcoFoil Surfboards from Ocean Green is made from sustainable raw materials. It is the Vision and the ultimate goal of Ocean Green. Ocean Green’s innovative construction of their EcoFoil surfboards produces big and strong, yet lightweight hollow balsa core. The shape of the EcoFoil is designed by Ocean Green’s world class shaper (Frank McWilliams), …

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Design and Concept Outdoors Sports

Future Human-Powered Gymnasium

If this is gonna be our future gymnasium, than I will definitely spend more time there … just look at the view, wow … This is not just ordinary gym, this is human-powered gymnasium, it moves on the waves because of your sweat and muscle flexing energy, pretty futuristic imagination. Often the average urbanite exercising …

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Amenity Muir Bed, Modern and Eco Friendly

Beautiful modern design bed from Amenity with eco friendly materials which are solid, reclaimed Douglas Fir and finished only with low VOC, water-based materials. Designed by Nicole Chiala, this gracefully spare bed is a beautiful centerpiece for your bedroom and a natural complement to Amenity bedding. You can choose the bed size, available from Twin …

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Outdoors Solar Energy

Husqvarna Hybrid Automower

Big garden can be pretty hard to care, especially when you have to push mower powered only you. Husqvarna Automower can help you handling this problem. Automower is an electric mowers with big solar panel on top. Here’s how it works. Find a spot in your garden for the compost-bin-sized charging station, run a supplied …

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Gadgets Solar Energy

Thanko Solar-Powered Digital Audio Player

New generation of digital audio player can be solar-powered audio player. Thanko has released its new Solar Digital Audio Player, great innovation, with 1.8-inch LCd screen, 4GB internal memory and a miniSD card slot, and of course a solar panel to charge the audio player. When the sun is not shining, you can charge the …

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San Francisco’s Transbay Terminal Gets The Green Light

Pelli Clarke Pelli Architects has designed a beautiful and stunning green building for San Fransisco Transbay Transit Center. Constructed in downtown, this project consists of a graceful glass tower paired with an elegantly sweeping transit center topped with a five-and-a-half acre public park. The aim of Pelli Clarke Pelli Architects is trying to create the …

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