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Environmentally Friendly EVO PC Concept

Talk sustainable about home computer service, EVO PC is an alternative to the traditional PC in a new form factor. EVO PC concept is made of sustainable materials to achieve a substantially smaller ecological footprint compare to previous computing systems.

EVO PC consists of two main parts the EVO Client module and the EVO Base unit. The EVO Client houses a minimal PC board with a low power processor, RAM, flash memory, wireless cord and a unique circular EVO clocking connector. While the EVO Base unit houses the connectors to the peripherals, networking functions and power.

evo pc green concept

evo eco friendly pc concept

An important part of the EVO PC concept is the transition of the PC from a product to a service business. All support, upgrades and maintenance on the customers virtual PC happen on the remote server.

The goal of the EVO PC concept is to address ALL of the key environmental issues associated with today’s PC, from cradle to grave. The EVO Client is 99% smaller in size (volume) and has 96% less mass than a typical desktop PC. This significantly cuts down on the energy and materials, and packaging required to produce and transport the product to the end user.

evo environmentally friendly pc concept

evo saving energy pc concept

evo pc concept made of sustainable materials

Source : ReGeneration


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