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Burj Al-Taqa Will Generate 100% of Its Energy Needs with Wind and Solar Power

Burj Al-Taqa, self-sufficient skyscraper that produces 100% of its own power is a high rise building to be built in Dubai. It will be going to have a huge wind turbine on its roof of 197 feet in diameter, and solar cell arrays of 161,459 square feet in size. Burj al-taqa will be designed in cylindrical shape to have as little surface area being exposed to the sun as possible. The building will be going to have a protective solar shield that reached from the ground to the roof. It covers 60 degrees of the giant circular building. It also protects the side most affected from direct sunlight so that no one will be exposed directly to it.

burj al taqa energy tower

burj al taqa energy tower

burj al taqa energy tower

Designer : Eckhard Gerber via


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