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Fridgecouch: Lets You Reliaze That Saving The Environment Is Easy

Our cars contribute big time to carbon emission and our refrigerators do the same. However, have you ever imagined that these earth-harming things can also be a tool in saving the environment? If you are wondering how this happens, then the Fridgecouch will show you. As the name suggests, the Fridgecouch is made of old fridge and car seat. After some artistic touch by a talented hand, the then destructive and earth threatening fridge and car become an eye-catching and earth-friendly home furniture. Looking at the photos, the couch looks comfortable enough for lounging or sitting together with your significant other as this will surely be your attractive love seat at home.

Fridge Couch

Fridge Couch

Fridge Couch

Fridge Couch

Fridge Couch

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1 thought on “Fridgecouch: Lets You Reliaze That Saving The Environment Is Easy”

  1. A couch made out of 2 combined materials? Didn't thought that it would be this cool and efficient too. It looks comfortable and stylish also. I think this sofa has it all, from its looks and earth-friendly features.

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