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Electric Robotic Taxi By Kubik Petr

Various eco- friendly vehicles are popping up to help save the environment. A new comer in the market is the electric powered robotic taxi by designer Kubik Petr. Being electric powered; this robotic taxi already has a great contribution to the environment for it surely has zero carbon emission. Aside from being eco-friendly, the robotic taxi concept is also a driver less taxi. It has a touch panel that will allow the user to set the taxi to his or her destination. This futuristic green vehicle has the ability to accommodate two passengers in maximum with ordinary hand-held baggage and can run up to 90kmh. The taxi can operate up to 20 hours after a single full charge.

Electric Powered Robotic Taxi

Electric Powered Robotic Taxi

Electric Powered Robotic Taxi

Source: Ecofriend


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  1. This is the best idea, I have seen in 20 Years… Great Job!

    What would it take to get the Research and Development off and Running? I am sure, I could fing another 30 People, Who would give this an earnest review and Operating Capital.

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