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Eco Building Beams By Straw Jet

Here comes another eco-friendly product that can be a useful building material. With the help of the useful machine created by StrawJet from Ashland, Oregon, different variety of agricultural waste stalks are uniquely processed and turned into a tightly wrapped beams and is sturdy enough for use as one of the significant construction material. Why its sustainable, simply because people needs foods always and as we need foods, we continuously grow crops for our food and thus, there can always be straws that are traditionally destined to waste.

The use of StrawJet’s machine on the other hand provides numerous ecological benefits to the people including its ability to create tobacco drying sheds from waste stalks and thus minimizes or rather eliminates the need for illegal deforestation. Another benefit is its ability to eliminate the current trend by farmers, which is the burning of waste stalks and its ability to limit carbon usage from deforestation by up to ten percent.




Source: StrawJet via Inhabitat


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