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The Grow Cycle By Brian Kelly

With the purpose of exploring the relationship between humans and plants, designer Brian Kelly came up with the Grow Cycle. The Grow Cycle is a hydroponic gardening system that is intentionally designed for people living in the urban areas. The system uses urine as the plant’s nutrients. Using urine as fertilizer can be a little bit awkward and unusual to some. However, If I remember it right, in my childhood mom do the same thing for her flowers and I see the wonderful results of it. The flowers bloom and they look super healthy. The only thing we did is to have a plastic container where we urinate at night and the following morning mom mix some amount of water in it and use the mixture to water the plants.

With this wonderful products, pollution generated by machines in manufacturing fertilizers for our plants will be dramatically minimized if not eliminated at all.

Grow Cycle

Grow Cycle

Grow Cycle

Grow Cycle

Source: Brian Kelly via Hometone


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