Architecture Outdoors

PODHouse : Sustainable Micro Home by ROB

This PODhouse consists of prefabricated modules that can be assembled to form a nice sustainable micro home. You can place it in the garden or backyard office, even for a secret holiday hideaway, nice isn’t it? Designed by Swiss design firm ROB (Robust Outdoor Brands), this is a great low-impact housing solution that anyone can …

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Architecture Design and Concept

Unit Fusion High-rise Residential Building Concept Can Be The Newest Eco-friendly Building In Hong Kong

Green architecture is growing and many architects including the Y Design, who is at present designing the Unit Fusion High-rise Residential Building Concept, embracing this practice to give their fair share of saving the environment. The said eco-friendly building concept will be built in Hong Kong and will feature 75 floors of studio, 1, 2, and …

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The Ordos Museum In A Then Gobi Desert

When we think of a desert, its empty and unused land area but not if you are thinking of Gobi Desert because it now has the Ordos Museum completed by MAD. The structure is an Art and City Museum built in Ordos, Inner Mongolia. The then, desert is now a place for education as well …

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