Bye Forever: A Popsicle Stick That Raises Awareness For Endangered Animals

With the issue of climate change, more and more animal species are being endangered and we need to save them the earliest time possible. Created for WWF China, the Bye Forever is a Popsicle stick that mimics the form of various endangered species and eventually raises awareness for these endangered animals. Saving these animals would only mean saving us. The Popsicle stick has a message printed that will immediately remind the user of the current situation of the endangered animals. One will see the Popsicle sticks mimics the polar bear, penguins, and more. Messages on the stick include, “so years later, bye forever” “saving them is urgent” and more.

WWF China Popsicle Stick

WWF China Popsicle Stick

WWF China Popsicle Stick

Via: Design Related


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