The Bamboo Pavilion: A Sustainable Shelter

Bamboo has been known to be a sustainable source of materials. It grows faster than any other plants we have on earth making it capable enough to be hailed as a sustainable source of material. Bamboo has getting more attention to the world as more and more designers are already designing items utilizing the said sustainable plant. Joining with the rest of the designers who paid attention to bamboo are Australian designer Esan Rahmani in collaboration with Mukul Damle who made the Bamboo Pavilion. Aside from using bamboo, the pavilion also has solar access, which is the central focus of the communal living area. True to its name as a sustainable shelter, the Bamboo Pavilion has bedrooms and amenities.

Bamboo Pavilion

Bamboo Pavilion

Bamboo Pavilion

Bamboo Pavilion

Bamboo Pavilion

Source: Esan Rahmani via Designboom


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