Enjoy Fresh Produce With The Riverpark Farm In NYC

You would never imagine of having the Riverpark Farm, a farm in the middle of tall skyscrapers supplying fresh produce to restaurants of New York City. You should start believing and start to enjoy fresh produce offered by the Riverpark Restaurant.

Riverpark Farm
Riverpark Farm

The Riverpark Farm is located at the Alexandria Center and is hailed as New York City’s most urban farm. The farm then produce fresh and local produce to its adjacent restaurant, the Riverpark Restaurant. In this way, carbon emission produce for transporting produce will be minimized if not eliminated, which is good for the environment. Other large cities, should take the Riverpark Farm in NYC as their example and go hand in hand in saving the environment.

Riverpark Farm
Riverpark Farm
Riverpark Farm
Riverpark Farm
Riverpark Farm

Photos by Ari Nuzzo
Source: Riverpark Farm


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