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Give Your Seatbealts A New Life And Let The Wardrobe Room Divider Bed Be Your Inspiration

Every car owners have their seatbelts changed regularly for safety purposes, discard it instead of reusing it, and create a sustainable product similar to the wardrobe room divider bed by Katharina Pawlik, a German designer that make use of old seatbelts to create functional and sustainable product.

Wardrobe  Room Divider Bed
Wardrobe  Room Divider Bed

The wardrobe that also works as your room divider and bed is made of recycled seatbelts. Therefore, instead of tossing your used seatbelts off to trash and increase the growth of landfills, why not take the wardrobe room divider bed as your inspiration and reuse your seatbelts instead? In this way, you will enjoy multiple functions in one product, thus saves you money from purchasing a separate product for each purpose. In addition, the Wardrobe Room Divider Bed will also help you reduce carbon emission, as you will not need newly manufactured products anymore for a stylish bed, functional wardrobe or elegant divider at home.

Source: Katharina Pawlik


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2 thoughts on “Give Your Seatbealts A New Life And Let The Wardrobe Room Divider Bed Be Your Inspiration”

  1. Nice, but it's one or the other. Would be more impressive if it could be multi-use (i.e. if the clothes could stay on, like a murphy bed)

  2. Indeed Ray.. not to cut off inspirational eco-ideas to live…but, some posts can make one wonder of the deeper thought behind design or design writing now and then. The text questions me most… per example : – and reuse your seat belts instead? – who has so many cars that they cut off seat belts? and cutting seat belts does mean discarding the cars…not as DIY as the text seems to say.

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