Anara Tower, Gigantic and Magnificent Skyscrapers in Dubai

Even with the oil prices in free fall, Dubai is continuing to build their gigantic buildings. Another high, gigantic, magnificent skyscraper will be built in Dubai next year called the Anara Tower. This can be 500 feet shorter that the Burj Dubai, but still the Anara Tower is one of the massive structures ever built. The building will home offices, 300 of the most expensive apartments in the world, and a 250-room luxury hotel. To refreshes its residents and tenants, it also has an atrium and gardens every 27 floors. In addition, on top of it is a propeller like structure with a glass capsule and will have the most elegant restaurants in the world.

anara tower

anara tower

anara tower

anara tower

anara tower

Source : Atkins Design via Dvice


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