Fashionable Bags Made Of Recycled Fire Hose Gear

Being fashionable takes a lot of money and time looking for the classy, fashionable products that will fit the kind of lifestyles we wanted. This time around, these will never the issue anymore with the elegant and fashionable bags they made out of recycled fire hose. It is so nice to hear that after saving people from hazardous and deadly fire, the fire hoses can now also save the environment in a fashionable way. One can have a beautiful tote bags, messenger bag, and even wallet. Makers of these items Elvis and Kresse Organization even donated 50% of their profits from these products to the Fire Fighter Charity.

Recycled Fire Hose Products

Recycled Fire Hose Products

Recycled Fire Hose Products

Source: Elvis & Kresse Organization via The Chic Ecologist


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3 thoughts on “Fashionable Bags Made Of Recycled Fire Hose Gear”

  1. I really love the idea that material that has been used to save lives helps saving the enviroment!
    One hint: The first picture does not show an EaKo bag. It is a bag made by German brand Feuerwear ( By the way: Feuerwear has been founded in 2005, EaKo in 2007 – so for me it seems that they copied the concept..

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