791002-MS1MR Mosaic Glass Table Top Solar Patio Light By Westinghouse

Patio lights adds beauty to our landscape especially at night and with Westinghouse 791002-MS1MR Mosaic Glass Table Top Solar Patio Light, you will not only add color and beauty to your landscape design but also you will be able to save on your electricity cost and of course save the environment.

Featuring a mosaic glass construction, the light looks stylish and sturdy. The use of solar power to produce light is the reason why this mosaic glass table top patio light is an eco-friendly type of light. If you choose to buy this lovely earth friendly lighting solution, you will get one 400 MAH NI-MH AAA battery along with three amber LEDs in each light. The light measures 4 inches round and 4 inches high in approximate. The mosaic glass construction made the light looks different that the traditional patio lights we normally see in our neighborhood. The 791002 Mosaic glass patio light from Westinghouse has the unique artistic look because of the stained glass construction.

791002-MS1MR Mosaic Glass Table Top Solar Patio Light

How It Works
The way this patio light works will not cause you so much money and produce less to zero carbon emission. The mosaic patio light has the formless solar panels that are responsible in charging the battery during daytime. When nighttime comes, you can already enjoy a romantic candle lit dinner without worrying about the smoke and carbon emission you produce that can harm the environment. The LED lights will take charge of the illumination. [Click Here to get more details about Westinghouse 791002-MS1MR Mosaic Glass Table Top Solar Patio Light]


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