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Turncoat: Handmade Cover For Your iPad

We can still be earth friendly albeit we are into our latest technology gadgets. Of course, these gadgets produce carbon emission and uses electricity to function. Technically, we are contributing so much to climate change with high carbon footprint. In a way, we can still help save the environment despite of our desire to use …

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Solar Energy

ERGO CONCEPT: A Lovely Looking Solar Lamp

We have heard so much about solar lamps already and majority of them catches every environmentalists as well as those want to help save the earth’s attention. This time, the Filipina product development consultant Vina Domingo from the Philippines has shown some care to the environment. Comes in an ergonomic shape and design, the ERGO …

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AERO E: Your Wind-energy Powered Phone Charger

We have already heard a lot about solar powered battery charger and any other solar powered device and the like. It is now time for us to diverse and give attention to some other sustainable sources of energy aside from the sun. Wind is another source of energy we can benefit. The windmill is the …

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