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Wasara Paper Tableware

Eco-friendly and carries the stylish Japanese Concept, the Wasara Paper Tableware is an eco-friendly and disposable table ware. Made from reed pulp, bamboo, and bagasse (sugarcane waste), the Wasara tableware is in compliment with the world’s practice of reducing waste. After extracting the sugarcane juice, the bagasse is sometimes discarded. Using it in a most efficient way like the Wasara does prevents the growth of landfills and eventually helps saves the environment from harm in the future. Aside from being eco-friendly, the Wasara’s designs are truly irresistible. It will surely invite everyone to live the eco-life without compromising his or her stylish way of living.

Wasara Disposable Tableware

Wasara Disposable Tableware

Wasara Disposable Tableware

Source: Wasara via Juliettemerck.blog


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2 thoughts on “Wasara Paper Tableware”

  1. The trouble with you so called enviormentalists is you never think anything through. How can this in anyway be eco friendly? Anything manufactured for a one time use is by definition, Not eco friendly. The drain on the earths resourses and energy to manufacture, transport, buy it and transport it to a land fill is enormous! And, if you want to add in the pollution all these activities create and the effect of adding it to a land fill, the cost to society is very large indeed. The best place for this so call waste product is to plow it back into the ground where nature recycles it just fine thank you.

  2. This is ment to be an replacement for styrophoam boxes and similar one time used table wear. It usually decomposes within 1 month (it could go on your back yard compost heap, saving pickup cost). So it is environmentally friendly as opposed to styrophoam and could even be evironmentally friendly as opposed to either hot water hand washed or dish washer washed table wear.

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