Neue Electric Scooter By KLD Energy Technologies

A new way of traveling green is now available for pre-order at the KLD Energy Technologies. The Neue Electric Scooter is a cool electric powered scooter that uses an innovative nano-crystalline composite material that is responsible for conducting energy in a more efficient way than the traditional iron-core motors.

This stylish bike can go 65 miles per hour and costs $3,288.00. It comes with a stylish and state of the art headlight that uses high-brightness yet low energy consumption LED light. The passenger pegs has retractable foot pegs for a more comfortable passenger ride, and the storage compartment is located under seat for your extra battery or your bag. Available in black, mint, and ivory, the Neue Electric Scooter eco-friendly and zero emission, but a hip and stylish one as well.

Neue Electric Scooter

Neue Electric Scooter

Neue Electric Scooter

Source: KLD Energy Technologies via MatteR Network


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4 thoughts on “Neue Electric Scooter By KLD Energy Technologies”

  1. Hi, interesting topic – I have just bought an electric bike that I use to get to work everyday. I Just plug in at work to recharge it and then cycle home.
    Absolutely love the bike, it was cheap and simple to use. I got it from they seemed good but I am sure there are many other companies out there too.
    Good luck

  2. Hi,

    I am interesting to buy this vehicle, can you give me the agent in my country-INDONESIA?


    antonius gesang wibowo

    Jl Kenanga II No 4 RT 002 RW 011

    Kelurahan Kalisari Kecamatan Pasar Rebo

    Jakarta Timur 13790 INDONESIA

    GSM: +628557816673


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