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Use Your Eco-Picnic Basket For Two And HaveFun Saving The Environment

Having a picnic once in a while is a great way to distress and relax especially when done with care to the environment using an eco-friendly Eco-Picnic Basket for Two. This lovely and stylish picnic basket has various eco-friendly features including the 100% all-natural and renewable materials used in the production. In addition, the basket is also hand-woven, producing zero carbon emission, which is essential in keeping the environment safe and clean.

Other than the carbon-free manufacturing process and 100% all-natural materials used, the basket also has the insulated lining made of chemical free cotton and dye. In addition to the eco-friendly features, the basket also contains all the important things you need for your outdoor meal and adventure. Inside the basket, include two sets of dinnerware, plates, and utensils made of bamboo. The basket also has two glasses made of recycled glass, two embroidered napkins made of organic cotton, and a cutting board made of bamboo and cheese knife. The basket has the dimension of 15 inches in width by 11 inches in depth and 13 inches in height. This measurement may vary though because of it being a handmade product. [Click here to get more details on Eco Picnic Basket for Two]

Eco-Picnic Basket for Two
Eco-Picnic Basket for Two

After having a romantic and fun picnic with your partner, taking care of your eco-picnic basket is the next thing you will do and this is an easy breezy thing to do. All you have to do is to hand wash plates, cutting board, and utensils with soap and water. The glasses included in the basket are dishwasher safe while the napkins are machine washable can be tumbled dry and can be ironed on low heat. With all the eco-friendly features, the Eco-Picnic Basket for Two is undoubtedly a perfect tool for fun while keeping the environment safe. [Click here to purchase Eco Picnic Basket for Two]

Eco-Picnic Basket for Two


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