The Yellow Treehouse Restaurant by Pacific Environments Architects

Tree houses are already present way-way back a long time ago. However, a tree house restaurant is very new to me. Have not heard of this concept before that is why I am excited to know more about it. Its unique design that resembles of an onion is designed to be weather resistant by using acrylic sheeting fixed to the roof under the fins with vertical roll-down café-style blinds within. The restaurant looks very refreshing and relaxing the moment to step up for a fine dining. Have not seen a ladder on the photo, which made me wonder how to come up and dine. I just hope it has one or it would made me think of a more adventurous way of coming up in that tree house restaurant.

Treehouse Restaurant

Treehouse Restaurant

Treehouse Restaurant

Source: Yellow Treehouse via Contemporist


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4 thoughts on “The Yellow Treehouse Restaurant by Pacific Environments Architects”

  1. Access is via a 60 metre tree top walkway which enters to the rear of the structure. The walkway is also wheelchair accessible. Of interest, the food preparation and toilet facilities are located on the ground. The tree house/restaurant is located north of Auckland – New Zealand.

  2. I followed from another site and found this one to be more complete. I am interested in going green as much as possible. I am Irish.

    This site had a better explanation of things about the tree house that I couldn’t find on the other. This is a great example of a complete presentation. Thanks.

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