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Another Greentainer Project with Rooftop Solar Panels in Italy

Container Vans are known to be used in transporting goods from one place to another, and once they are people are done with using the container they throw it all away. That is why many architects are coming up into an idea of recycling it and they eventually resulted into wonderful container architecture. Using a standard sized 40-footer container, they transformed it into a structure that is mobile, flexible and self-sufficient. It is self-sufficient because it has rooftop solar panels that provide all the energy necessary to run the heating and cooling system, light and other devices needed inside the structure.

Greentainer Project

Greentainer Project

Greentainer Project

Greentainer Project

Greentainer Project

Greentainer Project

Source: Exposure Architects via Jetson Green

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  1. Sir I am a BS Architecture Student of University of the City of Manila, Philippines sir i who’d like to ask what are the limitation in using a container van as an alternative for construction. What are the required or the maximum load it can carry per floor.

    I’am doing a thesis all about military museum and as and architecture student i whould like to know the does and dont in this type of matterils.
    Thank you for reading my comment please if you have time reply on me at or

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