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The Root Pendant Light Will Make Your Feel Closer To Nature

Having some nature related items in our home will definitely makes us feel closer to nature and that is what will Root Pendant Light give us as we have it installed in our homes. Designed by Victor Vetterlein, the stylish and eco-friendly pendant light gets its inspiration from old growth trees with long thick roots that continue to grow deeper in search for nourishment. Having this pendant light inside your home creates an ambiance of being in the middle of the woods. It looks like a root hanging. With its unique yet fancy design, the pendant lamp is perfect to form part of your modern, classy and elegant yet environment conscious interior design.

Root Pendant Light by Victor Vetterlein

Root Pendant Light by Victor Vetterlein

However, even with the oldie inspiration, you will not feel classical if you have this lovely pendant lamp at home, because it has the classy and sleek design resulting for the lamp to look elegant and modern. On the other hand, what created the root look like structure of the lamp is the soldered and anodized aluminum tubing assembled to form the root design of the pendant lamp. Providing illumination are the dimmable LED fixture making the Root Pendant Light an eco-friendly, elegant and modern lighting solution.

Root Pendant Light by Victor Vetterlein

Root Pendant Light by Victor Vetterlein

Root Pendant Light by Victor Vetterlein

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