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The Lagare Media Stand Is A Sustainable Furniture For Your Eco-friendly Home

Maintaining an eco-friendly way of living is becoming easier each day as more and more eco-friendly products are now available in the market just like Lagare Media Stand that can hold your television set the eco-friendly way. What made this media stand special and different to its conventional counterpart is the material used in manufacturing the furniture. The sustainable media stand from Lagare is made of moso bamboo. [Click here for more information about the Lagare Media Stand]

Lagare Media Stand

Lagare Media Stand

We all know that bamboo is a sustainable source of material but aside from being sustainable itself, the bamboo used for the Lagare Media Stand is organically grown. You definitely will love this media stand because bamboo is known to be durable, dense, and looks good. When you buy the media stand from Lagare, you will not only enjoy the sustainability it brings but also you definitely would love how easy it would be to access all the necessary wirings from the back part of the stand without the stand looking messy through its concealed cable management.

The stand can accommodate up to 60” wide of flat screen TV or projection TV, allowing you to enjoy a luxurious yet earth friendly movie viewing moment. In addition, aside from the concealed wires, your other items like DVD players, CDs and the likes are all in-order with the three shelves with four large bays for your AV components that the Lagare Media Stand has. The eco-friendly feature of the media stand does not end of it being made from organically grown bamboo. The Lagare Media Stand is also laminated using an eco-friendly E-1 grade VOC-free adhesives. [Click here for more information about the Lagare Media Stand]


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