The Green Void 100 Percent Transportable and Reusable by Lava

Green and extremely beautiful is what best describes the green Void by Lava. The Green Void is a structure that runs rings and straps around the central space of the building and leaves it in place where it is being inserted. The green void is fairly organic similar to a climbing plant, and this huge and colorful structures toured more than six stories high as part of its exhibit that is set on a temporary basis in the building. Aside from keeping the building in place, the structure also delivers variety of views from each floor. Currently, the green void is 100 percent transportable and reusable.

Green Void

Green Void

Green Void

Green Void

Green Void

Green Void

Green Void

Source: Lava via Plataforma Arquitectura


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  • Can someone please tell me the purpose of this device? The explanation given above reads as though the author assumes you know a lot already. What exactly is it’s purpose?

  • looks like a great spacefilling installation highlighting green issues.
    maybe not useable yet but awesome

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