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Fiskars 9413 30-Gallon Hard Shell Base Kangaroo Gardening Container Will Help You Keep Your Garden And The Environment Clean

Gardening is fun and a good stress reliever and owning a Fiskars 9413 30-Gallon Hard Shell Base Kangaroo Gardening Container will make gardening even easier. With the container, you can keep you garden clean and the environment too because the container is not just your functional and fashionable gardening container but it is an eco-friendly …

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Coconut Shell Animal Keychains Made From Coconut Waste

To some people coconut shell is just waste, but in the hand of creative people, this waste can be turned into something unique and cool. We saw this coconut shell animal keychains from this little green marketplace, it has different cute animal shapes, from a frog, a lobster to a turtle. A perfect small merchandise …

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Cars and Transportation

M-112 Eco-Friendly Urban Vehicle

M-112 is a very cool and stylish small car, perfect for urban vehicle. Designed by Ignacio Garcia, this M-112 took part in Shell Eco Marathon 2008 in France, it doesn’t look comical with its tiny size, M-112 is definitely a lightweight and eco friendly car, but there is no information on the engine just yet.

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