Design and Concept Interior Design

Artica: An Eco-Friendly Cool Air

An air-conditioning system is important to almost every household especially in areas with hot climate. This is the reason why households of today are the highest energy consumer. However, a group of people that include Mathew Holloway, William Penfold, Daniel Becerra, Karina & Matthew Judkins are now working on a project that will lower down …

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Outdoors Solar Energy

Corona : Solar Powered Outdoor Lighting System

The Corona solar light has a photovoltaic cell that will transform sunlight into energy during the day. This cute and attractive light can easily installed and disassembled anytime, because it does not use any screw whatsoever. The light’s LED will automatically start to glow as the sun started to set. You can simply set it …

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Solar Energy

Solar Collector by Gorbet Design

Light sculptures add the beauty of the night. They are fun to look at, very relaxing and people will enjoy of their various wave patterns. What’s good about it is that, the sculpture is interactive, meaning you can create your own pattern on submit it to them and they will play it. Plus, this …

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Sustainable Computing that Actually Works by Ben Chase

Ben Chase, a graduate from Parson made a thesis project on sustainable technology and his sample product is made of a modular component to make an easier upgrades. It has a 27w power consumption which definitely lesser than the usual computer. What is nice about the product is that it works running Windows, which functions …

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