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Solar P-Flip By Dexim: Your Portable Solar Charger

Now that most of us are using different gadgets like the iPhone, iPod, and Blackberry, all has the ability to access the internet to keep us updated; we are obviously using more energy currently. With the help to reduce our energy consumption and eventually help save the environment, Dexim has created and launched their new accessory designed for our gadgets during the CES 2010, and was called the Solar P-Flip. Expected to be released in a few months, the Solar P-Flip can be flipped in a vertical or horizontal position. This solar charges extends your phone’s talk time for up to 8 hours using green energy, thus saving the environment at the same time.

Portable Solar Battery Charger

Portable Solar Battery Charger

Portable Solar Battery Charger

Portable Solar Battery Charger

Source : Dexim via Solar Lighting Guide


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1 thought on “Solar P-Flip By Dexim: Your Portable Solar Charger”

  1. This product, a great idea in theory, apparently deos not work. It was listed for sale in the Skymall catalog in the Spring of 2010 as being sold by Brookstone, but after 2 months of waiting, I cancelled my order in July 2010. SInce then I have been looking for it in Airport Brookstone stores, and as of Jan 2011, have yet to find it in any airport Brookstone east of Denver. Sales associates at those stores have never even heard of it, despite it being available in their catalogues. That tells me that it must not work as advertised.
    Seems irresponsible for all these "be green" websites to keep touting it as a great product when no one can obtain one.

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