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Stylish Solar Handbags for Women

It is now time for the women to be techie and earth friendly at the same time without sacrificing its sense of getting fashionable. This sexy solar bag for women has mini solar panels that will collect sunlight and transforms it into a usable energy for your daily gadgets use. If you are not yet aware, this solar handbag can charge of up to five gadgets and devices. Having this useful and fashionable bag will now eliminate the need of rushing to the charging stations just to charge up our electronic gadgets. All you have to do is just continue your fun under the sun and the solar handbag will take charge of your gadget’s charging needs.

stylish handbag with solar charger

This high-tech bag’s outer surface is covered with solar panels that absorb the sun’s rays and create electricity used for powering everyday gadgets.

But you won’t need to leave the bag sat on a Starbuck’s table whilst you charge your iPod, because a USB port protrudes through the bag’s lining that allows you to plug-in and charge-up your gadget whilst it’s inside the bag.

stylish handbag with solar charger

Power Purse was designed by US student Joe Hynek, aged 29. He told the Daily Mail that the bag takes about two hours to charge a mobile phone – provided it’s sunny outside, of course.

“The shape of it is designed so it can sit on a windowsill and charge while you’re at work,” he said. “My goal is to use solar cells in a way that’s unobtrusive to fashion while making something useful”.

The Power Purse is expected to be available in the UK by December, priced at around £150 (€180/$300).

via Hardwaresphere and RegHardware


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