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GC102000 Solar Air From GreenCore Air

We all know that air conditioners are one of the top contributors to our green house gases and the ones with the largest electricity load on our homes. This will never be a problem for us anymore because GreenCore Air releases a new product called the gc102000 solar air that has the ability to heat and cool 600 square feet rooms. A solar air conditioner has two models, which is the fixed version and the portable one, this amazing air conditioner from GreenCore can operate from a 170-watt solar panel. When using the GreenCore air conditioners, you will save not only yourself from high power cost, but also you will contribute a lot in saving mother earth.

greencore solar air

Source : GreenCoreAir via GoGreenSolar


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3 thoughts on “GC102000 Solar Air From GreenCore Air”

  1. Is this unit totally solar-sufficient or does it need to be plugged into electricity at times?
    I am looking for a unit operable where there is no electrical power hook ups.
    Or, at least an electric/solar unit that can be used totally solar if need be.

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