Outdoors Solar Energy

Nephelios: The World’s First Solar Powered Blimp

Covering your favorites sports even can now be eco-friendly as well the moment the first solar powered blimp, the Nephelios will successfully cross the English Channel. Designed by Projet Sol’r, the Nephelios is a blimp entirely propelled by solar power. In collaboration with the intelligent students at engineering and technical schools in France, the Nephelios …

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Recycle Traveling Yacht

Sail Sustainably With The Plastiki

Made of approximately 12,000 reclaimed whole plastic bottle, the Plastiki is an environment friendly masterpiece from environmentalist David de Rothschild together with some handpicked scientist. The highly pressurized recycled plastic bottles consists the 60-foot Plastiki Catarman. Aside from the recycled plastic bottles, the catarman’s masts are also made of reclaimed aluminum irrigation pipes and the …

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Gadgets Solar Energy

The Puma Phone : A Solar Powered Phone

On a first glance, you will never think that the Puma phone is a solar powered phone. You will never notice the integrated solar cells. The phone’s appearance is elegant enough and it also has modern features like what the other new models has. Of course, the Puma phone still carries the influence of sports …

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Solar Energy

The NanoSolar Cells : Ecologically Economical

We all know that solar panels are one of the most common tools to use in order to save or cut energy usage and eventually help save the environment. However, these earth friendly device is known to be huge, bulky, and of course expensive. However, despite of that, this tool still dominates in the market, …

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Fashion Solar Energy

Stylish Solar Handbags for Women

It is now time for the women to be techie and earth friendly at the same time without sacrificing its sense of getting fashionable. This sexy solar bag for women has mini solar panels that will collect sunlight and transforms it into a usable energy for your daily gadgets use. If you are not yet …

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