Furniture Recycle

GO: A Green Furniture For Your Health And Gadgets

Relaxing while doing your exercise are the two things that can hardly done together. However, designer Rizki Tarisa has created an eco-friendly furniture design that will allow people experience total relaxation while doing his or her exercise routine called the GO. The GO has a laptop holder that will hold the user’s laptop for total …

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Fashionable Day Pack Out of Recycled Materials

Daypacks are our great buddy especially if we are always on the go. Here is where we place our personal things like laptop, mobile phones, organizers, MP3 players and more. That is why; Osprey had created a multi functional daypack. It has large enough compartment for our seventeen-inch laptop and a built-in music port for …

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Fashion Solar Energy

Stylish Solar Handbags for Women

It is now time for the women to be techie and earth friendly at the same time without sacrificing its sense of getting fashionable. This sexy solar bag for women has mini solar panels that will collect sunlight and transforms it into a usable energy for your daily gadgets use. If you are not yet …

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