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Solar Shades, Canopies with Solar Cells on Top

This solar shades is designed by Buro North definitely remind me of Cobra’s head, kinda scary, but actually this concept is not scary in fact very helpful for our environment. When we put canopies in a school to protect the kids from the heat of the sun, why not at the same time take collecting sun’s energy. This canopies have solar cells on top and large handles on the base to rotate the canopy, to get the most efficient orientation in relation to the sun throughout the day.

solar shade for school

solar shade green technology

From the website :
As a government funded initiative, the VEIL solar-shade is a future possibility for the integration of solar-energy harvesting technologies into a form that is pragmatic (providing shade & energy), evocative and educational. Current Australian school curriculums utilize information around consumption and energy as an educational device, and we have designed this interactive concept to explore the visual connection between energy collection and consumption.

About the VEIL Solar Shade design concept:
It features a broad, uni-directional solar panel surface as a visible face for the structure. Most solar collecting structures position the panels on an elevated surface not visible from the ground, removing visual recognition from the audience.

solar shade environmentally friendly

solar shade eco friendly

via Dezeen


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