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Zero Waste Bag: Fashionable And Eco-friendly

Living fashionably green got even easier each day with the numerous eco-friendly products designed by environmentally friendly designers. The Zero Waste Bag will definitely be a new addition on your must-have-list for green living. Made of #2 (High-density Polyethylene or HDPE) plastic, the Zero Waste Bag allows its users to write or draw on it, thus one can have their notes taken, or have their travel log in it. On the other hand, one can also opt to have it plain white. Another great eco-feature of the Zero Waste Bag is that, it is machine washable and best of all, it is recyclable by the time its useful life has ended.

Zero Waste Bag

Zero Waste Bag

Zero Waste Bag

Source: Zero Waste Bag via BLTD


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