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Solar Cooler System by Jeng-Neng Fan

Staying healthy is important to all of us. However, not all of us have the same chance of staying healthy. Remote areas do not have enough facility in keeping themselves healthy. One of their problems is the drug storage for their medicines. The Solar Cooler System can be the answer to this kind of problem: a system used for malaria drugs storage to maintain the life of malaria RDTs and drugs in strong effect prior to its expiration date. Aside from its wonderful function, the Solar Cooler System has roof mounted solar photovoltaic modules used for converting sunlight into electricity, which made it an eco-friendly one. In addition, it also has deep cycle storage battery in cooler box that provides power to peltier device.

Solar Cooler

Solar Cooler

Solar Cooler

Source: Jeng-Neng Fan


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