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Soladyne Mini Solar Lantern By Athena Brands

Lanterns like Soladyne Mini Solar Lantern is not only perfect for camping and other outdoor adventures but also ideal for use when power blackout or when a calamity happens. Mini lanterns add fun to our outdoor adventure or save us from darkness during unexpected calamities. However, what made this cute mini lantern from Athena Brands exceptional among others is its being solar powered. [Click here for more information about Soladyne Mini Solar Lantern]

Soladyne Mini Solar Lantern

As a solar powered lantern, this only means that you don’t need to spend a single penny for energy or electricity to enjoy a good source of lighting. It requires no battery at all and has a dynamo crank that is ideal for use inside your tent. The lantern has lighting settings of “high” where 6 LED lamps are in use or “low” where 3-LEDS are in use. Charging the lantern for five to six hours will let you enjoy up to 60 minutes of light. The lamp is light enough to carry along on every adventure because it only weighs 10 ounces and stands 7 inches tall. You can use your carabineer or a string to hang the lantern in your tent. If you are looking for a compact, light, and eco-friendly lighting solution for your camping need, patio, hunting, and emergency need, the Soladyne Mini Solar Lantern is presumably the ideal lighting solution to have and to own. [Click here to purchase Soladyne Mini Solar Lantern]


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