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The Pallet Couch Will Give Used Pallets A New Life

Used pallets by cargo forwarders are discarded and thrown to landfills, which is not a good practice for the sake of the environment, but Pallet Couch by Piero Ceratti will surely make this practice stop. With the aim to save on furniture cost, the designer thought of creating his own couch for his balcony and ended up recycling a cargo pallet. He is aware of the crisis and has come up with a cheaper idea for furniture pieces. He shared his wonderful design to iGreenSpot and we are eager to share this affordable and eco-friendly creation to our readers too.

Pallet Couch
Pallet Couch

To make a sustainable pallet couch, you will need the following:
• 2 120x80cm pallet
• 2 40x80cm fir board
• 2 m hemp rope
• 2 120x80cm jute pad

Pallet Couch
Pallet Couch
All you have to do is to put together your 2 pallets by tying it with your hemp rope. Insert the fir board to a slat and it will work as the backrest of your couch. On the other hand, instead of buying a new set of fir board, you can also recycle your cardboard tubes and use it as the backrest of your couch. After you have fixed the pallet and the fir board, you can now put on the jute pad for cushion purposes and you already have a cheap yet presentable, comfortable and sustainable couch. Surely enough, anyone can create their own Pallet Couch making them able to enjoy a nice furniture piece while keeping the environment safe and without spending too much.
Pallet Couch

Source: Winx

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