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Samsung Environment-Friendly Mobile Phones : W510 with Bio-Plastic and F268 Without BFRs

The new W510 with bio-plastic and F28 without BFRs from Samsung is now being introduced in the market. Both are eco-friendly and are being announced at the World IT Show in Seoul.

With a bio-plastic made from natural materials extracted from corns, the W510 and is the first mobile phone from Samsung that contains the said materials. Compared with the common plastic produced from petroleum, the bio-plastic is the product of Samsung’s extra effort in creating and developing an environment-friendly material.

samsung eco friendly phone

Aside from the W510, the F268 is another eco-friendly mobile from Samsung. The product does not contain BFRs (Brominated Flame Retardant) or PVC, which made it an eco-friendly one.

Source : Samsung


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