Swap And Go Green LPG Cylinder

Using an LPG is of no doubt more cost efficient than using the electric stoves and grillers we have. However, using the LPG for cooking with more eco-friendly features is more interesting. Fill your excitement with the Elgas’ SWAP ‘n’ GO GREEN LPG cylinder. It is super lightweight, has 100 percent carbon offset LPG and 100 percent recyclable. It is so nice to be co-friendly with this cute and useful product. With the Swap ‘n’ Go Green LPG cyclinder, you can go and grill your food anytime because you can easily carry it anywhere. Plus, it has a rust free exterior, making it a coastal friendly product as well.

Swan N Go Green LPG Cylinder

Swan N Go Green LPG Cylinder

Swan N Go Green LPG Cylinder

Swan N Go Green LPG Cylinder

Source: SWAPnGO via Australian Design Awards

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