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Reusable Taevas Eco Airmask Uses Self-Sanitizing Technology to Filter Virus, Bacteria, and Particulate

As millions of population suddenly have to wear a mask or even two masks per day, can you imagine how many masks waste we create when we use disposable masks? Yes, protecting our health is important, but these single-use face mask also causes significant harm to our environment. Leave those disposable, medical masks to health care workers, the rest of us can help slow spread coronavirus by wearing reusable mask.

Taevas Eco Airmask wants to offer you a reusable facemask, it can be worn up to 100 washes. Made of 100% cotton hypoallergenic fabric, Eco Airmask features patented self-sanitizing technology that keeps your face mask germ free. [Click Here to get more details of Eco Airmask]

Taevas Eco Airmask

Taevas Eco Airmask

Eco Airmask uses outer and inner layers which are knitted with technology that makes it safe for humans and environment by eliminating viruses and bacteria on its surface. It is made possible by the presence of a permanently bonded cationic sites which attract, bind, and disrupt cell membranes of positively charged bacteria and encapsulated Virus such as H1N1, SARS-CoV1, and SARS-CoV2. Each face mask has been specially designed and engineered to filter virus, bacteria, and particulate at an efficiency rate of 99%, 95%, and 98%. Even when you wash this mask, the company claims that its multi layered-filtration don’t deplete over washes, it provides use with continuous anti-microbial activity. [Click Here to get order information of Eco Airmask]

Taevas Eco Airmask


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