Recycle Your Empty Flour Sack And Make It Your Flour Sack Towels

Empty flour sacks are normally tossed to landfills when emptied but not anymore with the flour sack towels. Available from Nouvelle Legende, this lovely towels will help you reduce waste and eventually landfill.

Surely, you will enjoy using the towel longer because it is lint-free and durable. This will also help you save money, as you will not be buying a kitchen or paper towel anymore. This eco-friendly sack towel is ideal for drying your kitchenwares or utensil. You can also have it used for wiping out those dust and dirt making it a perfect tool for cleaning. [Click here for more information about the flour sack towels]

flour sack towels

flour sack towels

Since most flour sacks come in white color, these towels will be perfect for modern homes of today. In addition, white represents pureness and cleanliness. The flour sack towels also have the professional quality that you will definitely love. Made of 100% cotton, you can enjoy cleaning your home furniture pieces, appliances, dishes and more without the guilt of contributing too much to greenhouse gases. Each pack comes 12 pieces of towels that measures 28 inches x 29 inches each allowing you to clean larger surface in just a single pack. Another thing you will love about these towels is your chance to reuse it until its useful time has come. The flour sack towels are washable since flours sacks are made of cotton fabric. [Click here for more information about the flour sack towels]


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